About Us

_NDK5881The grains of a wood surface hide the stories from the timbers of the great forests. If you could skim the pads of your fingers over those hardwood surfaces and read the buried Braille beneath it, you would realize that not all timber is created equally, and not all surfaces are crafted equally.

Located in Holland, Michigan, Craftwood Industries is a manufacturer of custom work surfaces and solid wood edges for the office furniture industry. Working with veneer, laminate, and solid wood materials, Craftwood specializes in the challenging projects that involve artistic elements and difficult contours. Many of the world’s leading office furniture manufactures rely on Craftwood to tackle their most challenging projects that require an extra level of artisan influence and craftsman skills.

Craftwood Highlights:

  • A Veteran owned company
  • Established in 1995
  • 92,000+ Sq. Ft. Facility on 10.5 Acres
  • 25,000 Sq. Ft. Finish Dept.
  • FSC ® Certified.   “Ask us about the availability of FSC products”   FSC-C113128